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Eye exams, contact lenses, eyewear and....experience ....waiting here at our friendly office.

Eye Examinations

Children, Adults, routine vision exams, medical eye exams, and emergency visits for eye infections and "pink eye"

Contact Lenses

Fittings, replacements, contact lenses to correct astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses, specialty, and custom contact lenses.  You will have many options.


An amazing selection of eyewear from leading designers to help you look your best, and see your best.


Located on Newport Ave (Rte 1A) in South Attleboro;  we are a minute from Route 95 and Pawtucket.   We have easy parking and flexible hours.


It's what we do best.  We will take good care of you!


Over 30 years of providing eye health, vision correction,  and contact lens services.

Your eye examination deserves the time and dedication your mother would give you!

How you look at the world starts with your eyes and your vision.

Almost everything you do gets processed through your visual system.  Whether it is something your seeing now, or something you saw years ago,  it had to pass through the gateway of your eyes.

When you are seeing well, your eyes and the rest of your visual system work efficiently.  They are like a well practiced basketball team, or a symphony orchestra.  Lets call your visual system the "eye team".

If one of the players on the "eye team" is not playing well, how will you know?

You might know, or maybe not, depending on what is wrong with your eyes.

If your eyes hurt, or they are red, or you know that you are not seeing well, you probably will have the good sense to make an appointment to have them checked.

But if there is something more subtle affecting your vision, you may not recognize you are having a problem.

But don't worry.  Eye doctors, or optometrists, spend 4 years in professional school (after completing undergraduate college) to be able to evaluate how your eyes are working.  We don't expect you to self-diagnose without the time and skills that we obtain and develop over years of professional practice.

The important thing is that you come in and have an eye examination.  If we don't take a good look at your eyes we will never find "silent eye disease",  we won't be able to look at the small blood vessels in your eyes  or see hypertension, or diabetes.  If we don't examine your eyes we will miss your cataracts, and will not be able to detect your glaucoma or macular degeneration.

We have the tools to diagnose those "hidden" visual problems,  we take the time to educate you about your eyes.  We can help you prioritize your needs and the best options to get you and your vision working together.

So whether it is a hidden problem,  a "something isn't right" vision problem,  a small "pebble in your shoe" eye problem,  or a larger "iceberg dead-ahead" vision problem,  your first move should be be to give us a call!.

                                We have the tools,  the experience,  and the time your vision deserves.

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